The end-to-end monitoring process can become a complex relationship between multiple radio equipment, data communication links, IT systems, and monitoring station staff. For instance: how to execute, process and report pre-scheduled monitoring tasks automatically? How can receivers from different vendors display the spectrum recordings in a uniform format? How to make monitoring reports available to the spectrum management department, policy makers and enforcement teams? These and other challenges cannot be solved without the use of proper tools.

We develop customised software to assist monitoring stations in their work flow. Functions may include: Below are few examples of tools we developped for our customers.

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Interactive Report Publisher

Solution to publish monitoring results accross the web
When a user hovers over the spectrum waterfall plot, an information box pops up next to the mouse pointer containing detailed channel information such as frequency, time, licence and observation data.
  • interactive user-friendly interface
  • multiple monitoring site solution
  • multiple output solution
  • channel details
  • licence and observation data
  • html based
  • for internet and intranet applications
  • supported by major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • little to no IT integration work
  • in use by several customers in Asia and Europe

RAAP Receiver Controller

Control multiple monitoring receivers
  • standalone application
  • advanced scheduler
  • ITU-R SM.1809 and ECC(05)01 compliant
  • Receiver support: AOR 3000A, AOR 5000, JRD535, SDR RTL2832U (other models upon request)
  • Direct API for high performance
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • COM and USB interfaces

Monitoring Data Processing

Monitoring Data Processing
  • Data Processor
  • ITU-R SM.1809 and ECC(05)01 compliant
  • Generates all plots automatically
  • MATLAB based code
  • Optimized for batch processing
SM1809 data processing

FM RDS Radio Data System decoder

Decoder for FM Radio Data System broadcast.
  • Software RDS decoder
  • EN50067 compliant
  • Records and plays sampler files
  • Direct API for high performance
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • RS232 interface
Radio Data System decoder